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This isn’t my real blog you know..

My real blog, that I blog every day this year (2013) on is over at

that’s (got a pen?)

Ooh look, flickr blogged me (well, my photo.. the blue plated beauty)

I’m blogging every day this year..

With a bit of luck. Over on (Which is also a wp site) 


Just grabbed this for the profile. I’m over here – as far as bloggins goes.  Gonna mash a few words here just for kicks n giggles. I like blogging. I’ve been blogging on a regular basis since 2002 and think it’s one of the best sides the internet. The blog bubble grew, it went from what’s a blog, to blogs – they are sooo cool, to ooh I’ve got a blog to ooh everyone has a blog, they’re a bit yesterday, to facebook.

Die hard bloggers like myself  I guess have kept the mashing of keyboards alive. Writing in something that isn’t facebook or work email is quite rare in the interwebs of 2012. If you are a blogger, drop me a comment below, and I’ll say hi back!